Apple will release iPhone 5G by 2020

Not only Qualcomm, but Samsung will also provide 5G modem chips for Apple’s iPhone 5G model expected to be released next year.

Apple sees Samsung as a “defensive” solution to provide 5G modem for iPhone 2020

According to PhoneArena , Apple recently signed a licensing agreement with Qualcomm but did not disclose details of the payment. This led many people to suggest that Qualcomm will provide exclusive 5G modem for Apple iPhone in the near future.
However, the report from the Wall Street Journal showed that in addition to Qualcomm, Apple could choose a partner to provide a 5G modem for its products. According to reports, Apple may have tried a 5G modem from Intel, Samsung or Huawei, but each option has its drawbacks.
The problem is that Intel stopped developing the 5G modem for smartphones when it learned that Qualcomm solved its patent issues with Apple, while US domestic security organizations wanted to prevent Huawei’s involvement due to problems. politics. Besides, Huawei’s representative said at a conference recently that they had no contact with Apple about the 5G modem.
On the other hand, Samsung simply cannot create enough of its own 5G modem to provide exclusive access to large customers like Apple. Recently, the company refused to offer Exynos 5100 5G modem to Apple. The company not only needs to produce 5G modem for Galaxy S10 5G which is selling but also may need it for Galaxy Note 10 Pro and many other products.
However, to prevent possible problems in cooperation with Qualcomm, Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities, said Apple is more likely to choose Samsung as a secondary 5G modem provider. While Qualcomm’s 5G modem uses advanced technology with mmWave spectrum, Samsung’s solution is cheaper when operating at 6 GHz spectrum.
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