Apple simultaneously reduced the price of iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods and many other products

It is very good news for the Apple fans, but the sad news is that only customers in China can enjoy these offers.

According to a new report released today from CNBC, a rare “bold” move has just been made by Apple in China when Apple has simultaneously reduced the price of iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods and many other products. . This discount is made through online stores as well as Apple distribution agents in China.

For example, the iPhone XR dropped by nearly 5% from 6,499 yuan (about 22.5 million) to 6,199 Yuan (about 21.4 million dong). Meanwhile, iPhone XS and XS Max are discounted by about 500 Yuan / device (about 1.7 million dong).

Not only the iPhone, even though it was just released, the AirPods 2 wireless headset was also discounted, although the reduction was not too large, from 1,279 yuan (about 4.4 million dong) to 1,246 yuan (about 4,3 million dong).

In addition, Chinese users can buy 11-inch iPad Pro for only 6,331 Yuan (about 21.9 million) compared to the previous price of 6,499 Yuan (about 22.4 million).

However, the price reduction of Apple products in China is not entirely “spontaneous”. This comes from the reduction of VAT for manufacturers in China officially takes effect, from 16% to 13%, and Apple is one of many companies benefiting from this new regulation.

Earlier this year, Apple launched two price cuts on several iPhone models in China. Discounts are made by discounting through online retailers in China.

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