Apple opened a pre-order for Powerbeats Pro, delivered in the summer

The Powerbeats Pro, a $ 249.95 wireless headset announced by Beats earlier this month, began taking orders from Apple’s online store.

According to Neowin , although Apple will receive the Powerbeats Pro order soon, Apple will only deliver this headset to customers who order it in June. This is the model that Apple-owned brand launches to continue. Powerbeats3’s success was announced by the company in 2016, and they still have the same ear-hook design as the predecessor, though not completely wired.
Beats said, Powerbeats Pro can provide up to 9 hours of listening time for a single charge, and more than 1 day in total playback time. The charger also supports fast charging with playback time of up to 1.5 hours after 5 minutes of charging.
According to the company, the latest generation headphones have a number of improvements over their performance, including new linear piston drivers that help to produce better sound quality by using pressurized airflow. Powerbeats Pro is equipped with a H1 chip that allows users to command Siri to launch voice without pressing any button.
Powerbeats Pro has ivory, black, moss and navy blue options. However, the pre-order page currently lists the black variant as the only option.
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