Apple dropped market share in Huawei and Xiaomi hands

The first quarter of 2019 data of IDC financial analysis group showed that Apple’s market share fell nearly 4% over the same period last year in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Accordingly, Huawei and Xiaomi have increased their market share in this area.       

According to IDC’s Q1 / 2019 data, Apple’s market share in 3 regions of Europe, Africa and the Middle East decreased by nearly 4% (from 18.55 to 14.74%). At the same time, the number of iPhones shipped to these markets dropped by 22.73%.

Also in the first quarter of this year, Apple shipped 7.8 million iPhones to these markets. In the same period last year, this number was 10.2 million. This is an alarming reduction and makes many analysts surprised.

Figures summarized by IDC in the first quarter of this year. Photo: IDC.

Apple is also not the only smartphone manufacturer to be in trouble. According to IDC, the number of Samsung smartphones produced also decreased by 6.82% and market share decreased by nearly 1.3%.

On the other hand, Huawei won big when the number of smartphones shipped in these markets increased to 66.13% (to 13.5 million units). Xiaomi also had a slight growth with 1.5%.

“Consumers keep their devices longer before they intend to upgrade. Apple also faces a big challenge as Chinese smartphone makers continue to innovate and bring more modern technologies every quarter. “, Marta Pino, IDC’s research director, talked about the strong market share shift in these areas.

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