Apple admits to trapping the keyboard on the MacBook

Although Apple has made many improvements to its “butterfly” keyboard, there is the fact that users still feel uncomfortable about the reliability of the keyboard on the MacBook.

Apple has just admitted and apologized to users for the issues related to the reliability of the 3rd generation butterfly keyboard. This has caused frequent key error with MacBook users. .

We know that a few users are having problems with third-generation butterfly keyboards, we are sorry, Apple spokesman said. However, Apple representatives said that most customers using the MacBook are having a positive experience with the new keyboard on the company’s device.

This information was broadcast before the negative feedback of Casey Johnston writer on The Outline on the new generation keyboard on Apple’s MacBooks.

Apple responded to this criticism by quietly adding a rubber film of the 3rd generation butterfly keyboard for reasons to avoid dust, the cause of a series of previous incidents. Apple then ran a startup repair program to assist people who bought the device before the improvement.

According to iFixit, Apple’s solution is an improvement, but there are sand particles that pass the “protective wall” layer and jam the keyboard of the MacBooks.

According to TheVerge, Apple ‘s apology shows that Apple’ s acceptance is that the problem with MacBooks is a problem. Although Apple is trying to direct its users that this is not a big problem, that is not enough. Apple will have to make further improvements to avoid this problem again, otherwise they will damage the brand’s long-term reputation.

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