Appeared strange device Apple has never announced

The new video from blogger Sonny Dickson has revealed about Apple’s little-known device manufactured in 1993. This device is quite mysterious to users because it has never publicly announced it.

In 2007, Steve Jobs released iPhone 2G. At that time, the device owned many advanced features such as listening to music, phone and Internet connection. This raises speculation about the device that incorporates elements of phones and computers that Apple tested earlier.

Specifically, on April 9, popular tech blogger Sonny Dickson shared a new video about a device that has not been disclosed by Apple. It is called Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone or WALT Company has produced WALT in 1993.

Although it is not a mobile device like the iPhone, it still includes many familiar features of the phone.

According to Sonny Dickson, WALT supports touch, has an address book application and some features such as faxing, bank account management. This device uses Apple’s Mac System 6 operating system. This shows that WALT is designed by the company to serve businesses.

The strange device WALT of Apple. Photo: Bussiness Insider .

Although it is less known to users, the original version of WALT has been sold for $ 8,000 for collectors on eBay in 2012.

In fact, Apple has many unpublished devices. These include the trial version of a flip phone, a “stand” phone model or a model of a phone with a headphone.

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