Anonymous millionaire searches for the uninhabited island to organize real shot of PUBG

A millionaire fan of survival shooter games spent more than 188,000 USD to realize the 100-person PUBG-like battlefield in real life.

According to VG247 , an anonymous millionaire is looking for an uninhabited island to organize a “mortal arena” like PUBG for 100 players.

“Can you help me create a survival battlefield on the island and find the last survivor?”, The millionaire sent a request to HushHush.

100 players must try to survive on the island. Photo:  VG247.

This website is dubbed as Amazon for rich people, providing high quality products and services. In response to a somewhat strange request, Aaron Harpin, HushHush manager posted the information on the homepage.

“We are looking for game designers for 100 random participants on the island. This project will last about 6 weeks and you will receive $ 58,000, ” wrote Aaron Harpin.

Under the plan, HushHush will handle everyone’s application. Each player will receive an airsoft gun with ammunition, armor and other necessary equipment to ensure safety. Each battle takes place in 12 hours. The event will last about 3 days. All food, camping equipment and necessary medical supplies are provided.

The last “survivor” will receive a reward of up to $ 130,000 . The deadline to apply is April 22 and the winner will be announced on May 10.

Manager Aaron Harpin also shared that in recent years, many PUBG-like survival shooters are very attractive. The guest hopes that HushHush will implement the game in the safest way. If successful, the anonymous millionaire will grow into an annual event.

On the other hand, on the screen there are many movies depicting life, fighting to protect lives such as Revenger, 127 Hours or The Island.

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