Amazon was discovered selling thousands of unsafe items

Amazon online sales site sells everything, from diapers to small homes, pleasing millions of customers around the world.

In an effort to provide a variety of such items, Amazon has opened its doors to third-party sellers – and sometimes those third-party sellers provide unsupervised items to regulatory authorities. US federal.

In fact, in a recent survey from Wall Street Journal, somewhere in the “kingdom” of 4,100 items sold on Amazon “has been declared unsafe by federal agencies”.

Worse, among the 4,100 items that extension, “at least 2,000 toys and medicines” missing warning labels inform health risk to achieve standards and at least one of the children tested exceeded Acceptable standards, which can lead to major health problems ”.

After the magazine’s investigation, Amazon changed or deleted thousands of product listings.

The survey highlights a fundamental problem that a series of technology platforms have emerged in recent years, from Amazon to Twitter to Google and YouTube to face. It is providing a large open platform, which means having to monitor the open platform, and that can be extremely difficult.

In the case of Amazon, sellers from all over the world can become third party partners and sell products. Managing such a market is extremely difficult and risks will inevitably occur.

An Amazon representative told The Journal that they used automation systems to monitor stores on their platform. Those tools prevented three billion “suspicious” items in 2018, the representative said. “When a suspicion appears, we quickly protect customers and work directly with sellers, brands and government agencies.”

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