100 million people will shop with AR and VR in 2020

Augmented reality technology and virtual reality will depend on 5G to change users’ shopping experience both inside and outside the store.

IKEA Place places the product image directly into the open camera

According to CNET , Gartner, a market survey and solution company, predicts about 100 million customers will shop using augmented reality technology ( AR ) and virtual reality (VR) via online and streaming. system.
By 2020, 46% of surveyed retailers plan to deploy AR or VR to improve the quality of service / product experience. AR and VR are answers to the question of how customers can shape the value received from the product.
Retailers can use AR and VR to add to the customer’s brand experience, leading them to a more detailed situation if they use the product, thereby boosting revenue. This is what Ikea has done with IKEA Place application, which helps customers visualize what the product will look like at home.
The launch of 5G network will spur more stores to apply AR and VR. Overall, 5G helps to optimize the amount of storage goods, improves traffic analysis and helps store exchanges with customers more easily. 5G is also expected to become an important factor to increase revenue.
The Gartner survey was conducted online and by telephone interview with the help of computers, with the participation of 97 units in the UK, USA, Canada and China, from July to August 8.2018 .
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